We’ve got ‘the dirt‘ on South Bay Soil!

South Bay Soil Company specializes in ‘Living soil’ ….If you are any kind of a gardener…and I know many of you are… you’re in for a Good, Green, read!

I asked founder, Steve Hodovance, (who happens to be my nephew) from Olympia, Washington, to give us ‘the dirt’ on this living soil.

Q: Steve, what exactly is ‘living soil?’

Steve ~ “Our living soil has microscopic life, fungus and beneficial bacteria that not only break down organic nutrients into plant available food, but also help with plant stress, disease and water retention.

Our potting soil is complete in the respect that it has organic plant nutrients and also foods to feed the organisms to keep them alive and thriving in the soil.  Coconut coir fiber is a renewable resource that holds moisture, aerates and helps retain soil structure. Worm castings also provide life and nutrition. All ingredients are certified organic.

Q: What inspired you early on to get into the landscaping business…encouraged you to sow the entrepreneurial seeds?

Steve ~ I like working outside and with plants. I also like to watch a landscape evolve as I work on it.

Q: Speaking of work….I understand ‘living soil’ is something of a workhorse. What makes living soil different?

Steve ~ Living soil is different in the respect that with a little care, the organisms do a lot of the work for you by keeping your plants healthy. In effect, you are nurturing your living soil to achieve healthy plants.

Q: Is it a difficult process?

Steve ~ Not really, just a matter of bringing all of the best ingredients together in a way in which everything interacts in balance. You know, a little of this and a little of that…it has taken many bits of information along the way to get all of the pieces right.

Q: What’s down the road for South Bay Soil?

Steve ~ This business has evolved fairly quickly. It has progressed in an ‘organic’ way so far. Ideas for the future come up all the time with my business partner. It is a high end product for a crowd that doesn’t mind spending a bit more for quality. Having our product in nurseries and specialty garden stores on the West Coast is a definite possibility.

Q: One last question… is there something about creating this living soil, knowing it’s good for plants, people and the planet…. that ‘nourishes the soul’ so to speak?

Steve ~  I guess it feels right to be doing something to help the planet out. Our practices as humans have done a lot of damage for sure. The soils top layer is the buffer that cleans our ground water and the life in this soil is what does all the work.

Pollution, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, etc., have damaged this top layer in many places and have allowed toxins to get into our water supply, lakes and such. By adding living soil to the ground, I think everyone in their small way helps to heal or enhance the ground beneath us. So, yes, maybe it helps to feed our ‘Collective soul.’

Monica ~ Thank you Steve!  Hmmm… nourishing the planet and it’s people….One small garden patch at a time….



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