I apologize for the lack of posting lately…

We have been away,

on a ‘spur of the moment’

visit to Southern California.

(Our son didn’t even know he was going.

We showed up at school, with his bag packed

and headed to the airport!)

We spent a little time in LA and Hollywood,

(‘The kid’ snapping a quick photo of the famed Hollywood sign)

before heading to Newport Beach to stay with dear, dear, friends.

While in LA,

I was so excited to visit Giannetti Home, in Brentwood.

I am a big fan of Velvet & Linen

and the truly inspired work they do.

(Also, see sidebar for link)

I picked up a few small goodies…

(Items, I could tuck into my ‘carry on’ bag.

Plus, my husband and son were with me…

which always makes shopping, a challenging adventure!)

…a few of Velvet & Linen’s wonderful signature candles,

enamel letters for an upcoming

baby shower

and an antiqued math stick…

a future plant support, in our

new raised garden bed.

(No. 4…because it is one of our son’s jersey numbers.)

The garden bed is one, of the projects I’m working on right now.

The other, is our new pantry cabinet.

Here, is a wonderful detail, I want to share with you,

Something I’m incorporating into the cabinet design.

I simply love this idea…

Image ~ Maisons Cote Est (2006)

cutlery cubbies!

I’ve been wanting to do this,

Image ~ Maisons Cote Est (2006)

ever since I saw this china hutch,

featured in a favorite French magazine, years ago.

So our new pantry cabinet,

will have these cutlery cubbies.

So ‘old school’…

but with a modern practicality.

I measured my serving pieces,

to make sure they will fit into the cubbies.

Our design,

features a graceful curve and perhaps,

a little felt backing, to prevent scratches.

Do you like the idea?

Image ~ Maisons Cote Est (2006)

I recently saw the same design element

featured on the beautiful blog Belgian Pearls.

(Also see Sidebar for link)

Image ~ Belgian Pearls

So, I’m sold on it,

hope you are too!


I have much wash to do from our trip.

I hate it when laundry gets in the way…

of my fun!