Fall Woodland * Monica Hart


I’m finally starting to add small, earthy bits of fall  to our home…are you? 

 Fall  is my favorite time of year and it doesn’t take or cost much to autumnize  your home!

 When fall sets in, I like to go natural  with my layers

of fall decor. I’m current crushing  on that whole fall woodland vibe.




Love the musty ‘foresty’ scent and feathery ferns that look like they’ve just been

plucked from a woodland scene…oh, and I love rustic pods too.


Fall Woodland * Monica Hart


 I picked up the lovely live green ferns at a flea market and my local

Metropolitan Market is stocked with fall floral inspiration like these

 white  pods {LOVE}! They look like tiny cups so I tuck in a few


Fall woodland * Monica Hart


real berries…fresh moss would be nice too. I’ll work on that!

{Decor Tip: Ask your favorite florist  if you can buy  a handful or two of fresh moss!

 Much nicer than the pre-packaged stuff!}

Our entry side table is dressed for fall with grape leaves that have turned color & airy ferns under glass.


fall woodland * Monica Hart 


The low, filtered light  in our entry…kinda reminds me of being in

 a forest with the canopy of trees and soft rays of sunlight streaming in.

There’s even a golden, mid century style sunburst!


fall woodland * Monica Hart


Autumn has arrived at our house, yours?