Fall Picnic video Take I ~

Image ~ Stan McMeekin

Don’t know if you’ve noticed  the little video  section of my blog…

but I recently uploaded an Autumn Inspirations  piece.

It’s packed with fall entertaining ideas!

I am so  excited to work once again, with

 my dear friend…and award winning photographer and editor,

Stan McMeekin, whose current credits include:

heading up video production for the A & E show, Sell this House Extreme!

 (BTW,  Stan  is also, a wonderful father, cook, artist and

wine maker! Sorry Stan, had to brag  a bit!)

Anyway, Stan stopped by the other day, with all

of his equipment, including, a new HD camera…and we pulled

together this little video piece for you. Stan, thank you, truly!

* * *

 I hope you like the Autumn Inspirations video.

Just click on the video button in the

sidebar. It’s a gorgeous fall day here in the Pacific Northwest,

I hope it’s a good one…in your corner of the world,