Herbal Goodness

This lovely little Bay wreath is simple to construct.

All you need is:

cardboard & a heart,

a few bay leaves,

(Magnolia would work well here too

but Bay is sooo fragrant)

all purpose glue and ribbon.

First, I enlarged a trace of a heart shaped cookie cutter and

re-traced that image onto the cardboard.

Next, I headed out to our garden with clippers

and gave our Bay topiaries bit of a trim.

I glued down the leaves in an overlapping pattern

onto the cardboard

and attached one ribbon for hanging

and tied another vintage ribbon,

(love this ribbon!)

into a handsome bow tie.

This little Bay beauty is darling

dangling from the back of a chair…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful marking the ‘seat of honor’

at a baby or wedding shower?

(Have one of those coming up, hmm…)

The Bay wreath is hanging in our kitchen, for now.

It looks nice

against black



Must make more!

I have a few more Valentine’s Day ideas…

I hope you’ll check back.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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