So EXCITED about this!!!

The amazing  opportunity to join the



It’s the next step  of this super cool  official  LIFESTYLE journey I have been on…

day in and day out – six plus years in the making! 

Unofficially, it has actually been a lifetime pursuit. 


AND as I look back, I realize this is also about something more, something very personal. It’s about

reinvention and validation. It’s about setting and

reaching goals, no matter where you are in your life journey.

 It’s about HARD work, patience and tenacity. It’s about turning dreams into the

real  deal. It’s about being

the architect of your own life. 


Many of you (and you know who your are!!!)

have been on this crazy journey with me,

 giving me opportunities, sharing your encouragement, time and

talents. Thank you SO MUCH…I’m talking that,

  from the bottom of my heart  kind of thank you! 


Check out my EXCITING new swoon connection HERE!

I am SO looking forward to working with Donna Benner & company! 

I’ll keep you posted on my SWOON adventures! With much love and