Hot Power Yoga


 the 30 Day Challenge!


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Thirty days ago today I rose to the challenge…

30 days straight of

HOT YOGA! It has changed

my life…

body & soul…

 So, I think…I have to  share this with you!

Here’s what’s really   strange about the hot yoga thing…

I had never done any yoga  before let alone   HOT 

yoga. What’s more, I don’t like the

heat…Plus, I’m borderline claustrophobic

(You can’t leave the hot yoga room once the class is underway!)


I’m a wee  bit germaphobic, so the idea of all  that sweat…

not so much. (Other than all the above…I’m totally normal :) )

 But here I am, hooked on


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 hot yoga. And the change in my

body & mind  is pretty remarkable.

Hey, I love  to work out. I lift weights regularly, walk and

put in my time on the stair climb. I’ve done cross training,

run a marathon and many half

marathons. ALL are wonderful  but I have never 

worked harder or seen better results than this.

Hot yoga has changed the way I carry myself. It has already elongated  my body.

Swear  I’m taller from all that stretching AND…

 I’ve dropped half a size in 30 days. It’s changed my

eating habits for the better too.

AND I actually crave  hitting the HOT floor each

day. Who is  this girl??? And what have they done with Monica?

Look, I don’t  know if Hot Yoga is for you??? 

(Always consult with a doctor before taking on heavy activity.)

But I just had to  share, you know?  Besides, the yoga


are really, really



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share! They are sooo pretty!!  Stefanie Knowlton  behind the

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the special  announcement! Talk