Who knew? I’m a Gin girl! A discovery made on a recent trip to New Orleans for

Mardi Gras! { I shared a few fun pics on my INSTAGRAM! }


The Mr. and I slid into the Sazerac Bar at the Grand Roosevelt hotel and something along the

lines of THIS  happened, minus the mint.


Gin & Mint Fizz ~ Monica Hart  via La Famiglia Design


It’s a Gin Fizz…a classic New Orleans style cocktail. Didn’t think I liked gin! If you’ve

been visiting my blog for any length of time you know I love to

create yummy herb infused VODKA cocktails but this gorgeous GIN sip is just too good to pass up!


 Gin &Mint Fizz  ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


It’s got throwback vodka & cream, egg whites, orange blossom water, citrus

and soda. I put my own spin on it with a little

minty simple syrup and…


Mint simple syrup - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design



pretty mid-century vibe glasses & garnishes! One of my citrus trees just happened

to be in BLOOM!  Okay, this is one frothy sip of heaven.


Gin & Mint Fizz ~ Monica Hart Via La Famiglia Design


Here’s the thing…my new affection for Gin, opens up

a delish  new world of cocktail options. Can’t wait to share!


Gin & Mint Fizz via Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


Here’s to NEW discoveries!