DIY Flower Magnets via Monica Hart La Famiglia Design for Cinco de Mayo


I’m always looking for a super simple and economical way to create some fabulous


{I’m such a petal pusher!}

These DIY FRESH flower magnets are perfect! They are pretty and showy and you don’t

need many blooms to get the job done!

 All you need:

fresh flowers

small craft store magnets 

metal stand

floral adhesive

How to: Cut off the flowers stems entirely so that you have surface area on the underside of

the bloom to work with. Add a small dab of glue to both the magnet and the flower then pop them together.

Hold the flower in place for several seconds until the adhesive sets up.

I like to make these flower magnets the morning of an event and then pop them in the fridge. 

They will keep fresh for hours. Arrange your flower magnets on a metal stand and voila!


DIY Flower Magnets - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design - Stefanie Knowlton Photography

Stefanie Knowlton Photography

This little arrangement  is perfect for Cinco de Mayo! Thank you for the 

gorgeous pic Stefanie Knowlton Photography!