Super quick chip inspiration board !

I needed an instant  inspiration board and this little DIY project can be done in a snap!

All you need is chipboard and a fun  sheet of fine paper. This Moroccan gold on cream number, worked for me!




 {Picked up both here .} Then all you have to do is wrap the board, fold the edges and glue!

Super simple, right? I found a forgotten box of wooden push pins in a drawer and got pinning… 

the old school way.




The chip board is very sturdy  and can even hold a small antique  filigree vial, filled with fragrant, just

picked garden sweet peas.  {Love Sweat peas}

 Also love,  these very special initial cards given to me by my friend, Jan Carlisle.




Aren’t they wonderful? Thank you Jan!  The inspiration board rests on my

writing desk, in a corner of our master.




 This desk is getting a small makeover  {I’m off to the fabric store}  and our master is finally getting that coffee &

refrigeration bar I’ve been dreaming about! Sometimes the wheels turn slowly  at our house!

Have an #inspired day,