Rustic Pieces ~

I’m forever fiddling  with our champagne

riddling rack…dressing it up and down like

a  child’s  doll.  Currently, the rack leans against a two-story

wall, in our dining room. I’ve designed a sideboard

and shelving for this spot

but for now…I’m making do  with…the rack!

Riddling racks are used in the finishing step of 

making champagne, a bubbly beverage I adore! !

This rack, originally came from M & C…Moet & Chandon…the

French winery. I love the raw, knotty wood. 

I also love  these wine bottle vases. I fill them with lush

 flower & herb bouquets

when we have parties. But this is ‘every day’ decorating…

so they simply hold tiny potted olive trees

topped with Spanish moss. It’s a nice

fall  feel.  Between the bottles,

I hung a lovely hand-beaded 

light shade cover  &  simple bulb fixture combo.

 The fixture came from an old torn paper lantern that I

unceremoniously dismantled . 

 I adore the old-school pull chain and this little light, gives

off some serious recycled  wattage with a vintage  vibe.

I decided to pluck a few more apples from our

espaliers, tucking them into that

vintage  child’s fishing creel of mine.

It’s an interesting

 still life, in the ever changing light. 

I placed a single stem of kale, in our pewter pitcher.

I love  that they sell kale

stems, in the floral department of the markets now. The

checkout boy asked me if it was broccoli :)

 The kale, potted olives and worn wood give a

subtle rustic feel to our  fall dining room.

It’s good enough for…

 for ‘every day ‘ decorating,