A Sweet Event ~

Okay, we’re picking up right where we

left off with our

‘Girls Night In’  Mother’s Day…

~ Images Stefanie Knowlton ~

 inspired soiree…

with gorgeous Rendezvous Soy  lavender candles

(available at Haley’s Cottageon display

and takeaways for our guests!

The pretty  Lavender 

Martini Drops


first course served,

it was time to go around  the room and

introduce ourselves!

 So here is just a sampling  of the cool, creative women who

joined us. The talented Cindy  and our organizer, from

Haley’s Cottage & blog,  Melaine from the fabulous & wildly successful blog

My Sweet Savannah,

Patricia Stockton, also a fab blogger and  incredible

jewelry maker, Diane, former owner of

Heartland Interiors,  Rachel  from Sweet Bee,

 Mela, whose wonderful work you’ll find at

Vintage shows…and that’s just to name a few!

Can you see why I was in creative heaven!  And as I said,

in the teaser  post,

which you can visit here…we also had many  returning  guests and

mothers & daughters which I

love.  Thank you all!

Introductions done, it was time to roll up our sleeves


bake!  Biscotti! A sweet treat, straight out of my

childhood. Only these  are orange & toasted hazelnut Biscotti!

(BTW, some of you have asked about the fun little Biscotti card given to me 

by my dear friend Janice...found on-line here…but currently out of stock.

cool site though! Thank you Janice!)

Biscotti Recipe Here ~

  All  of our ingredients assembled…

let’s  bake!

 And these gals are  good!

In no time at all, the loaves are in the oven and we

dish up the next small course of

grilled romaine and lemon rosemary chicken

(A thank you to BBQ boy…the Mr.!) with homemade

rosemary brioche croutons and pancetta bits.

(Love anything wrapped in bacon…especially Italian bacon!)

Prosecco, white grape and rose water Popsicles

follow to prep the palate for dessert.

And then its time to

slice the Biscotti loaves and pop them back  in the oven

for round two!

 Biscotti means…’twice baked!’

They come out of the oven, warm & golden brown…

ready to be dipped  in

homemade  vanilla bean

ice cream, drizzled with fruity olive oil and

sprinkled with French Fleur de sel.

(I know, olive oil on ice cream? You have to trust me on this!)

Well done ladies! You were so much

 fun to cook with

and so easy  to entertain!

It was just a really



 Thank you all again, for coming over for

Girls Night in.

 A huge  shout out to:

Cindy, Haley, Stefanie, Linda, Carol, Christy, Brandee & Sim!

And thank YOU  for stopping by…

on the blog!

A wonderful Mother’s Day  to all!

I am blessed,


For more beautiful images of  Girls Night In  taken by the talented

Stefanie Knowlton…visit her page on

Smug Shot!

(And Yes, she even got a shot of the powder room rosette

one of our creative guests crafted :) Too funny!