Autumn Entry ~

They’re here! My favorite  pumpkins in a most

perfect g~r~a~y ! 

Actually, they’re a blue-green gray. 

You know the ones…with the crazy stems left in tact! 

Set two of these lovelies ,

right at the front door.

Speaking of the front door…I

switched out a small mirror for a larger one in our entry. 

Then, I paired the pale gray pumpkins with our

  antique French  demijohn. Two things I adore from ‘the vine’…

pumpkins & wine!

I love the not so typical  fall color combination

and how it all flows with the blue stone outside.

Below, our antique French 

flower crate is now filled

with fall garden necessities, rain boots & things AND…

a few ruffled  green and white kale plants, after a run to the garden store!

That’s it for now…

but the fall metamorphosis  is subtly underway,