Citrus & Bay ~

That’s the essence  of

 our dining room this

holiday season.

fragrant citrus, piled

high on a

simple white, French


with tiny bits

of bling  tucked in. I think the vibrant oranges are

gorgeous jewels in themselves! Our citrus trees,

nurtured through the 

hot summer, are now inside

for the winter and 

beginning to bloom,

as if on cue!

Thank you Mother Nature   :)

Tiny paperwhite  blooms and bay leaves

from our garden, float about in 

our punch glasses.

Small bay trees meanwhile,  dot the 

holiday table

topped off with reindeer moss

and tiny home-made signs…

all , in lovely shades of holiday green.

Amaretto chocolate sticks, in glassine

bags, rest at each place setting.

The table is draped in rumpled  linen.

The humble, burlap bags,

 my sister Linda and I made,

tied to the chair backs.

Just clipped, fresh herbs from the garden are

tucked inside.

As always, large herb swags from our garden,

hang from the

chandeliers, ringed by our

treasured hand-blown Italian glass &

gold ornaments. This is our little L’orangerie

 by day…

I can’t wait to see it all

aglow at  night.

I will have our ‘Girls Night In’

up soon,