Private Spaces

My husband has his ‘Man Cave,

now I have my…

‘MOM cave!’

I wanted to carve out a little at home get-a-way.

A place to read, write & dream.

And here,

under the stairs,

(So Harry Potter, Privet Drive…)

seemed the perfect place.

A tall, built in library cabinet,

with a rolling ladder,

provides the literary backdrop.

I’m not talking about perfectly arranged,

look but don’t touch library shelves.

These shelves,

are filled with my worn cookbook collection

and our son’s favorite childhood reads.

But to make it my own,

I pulled in, little pieces from other spaces

and added a few new ones.

A leather stool and down embroidered pillow from the media room…

A few yards of upholstery fabric & a borrowed

small checked ottoman, make for a soft

landing underfoot.

An old book topped stone urn makes a suitable side table, for now.

A French bedside water carafe provides refreshment.

(Love the lemon, lime and mint combo!)

Flowers clipped from the garden

and a delicious scented candle

make it feminine.


a treasured childhood father/daughter photograph

makes it personal,


A gorgeous French oyster basket,

holds some of my favorite

magazines and idea files.

And to light the way,

a new, tulip shaped, vintage industrial style

mechanic’s trouble light, literally hung from the pages.

It really gives off a great deal of reading light…just not on camera!

Don’t worry, I’ve removed the sticker!

(Love, love, the ‘Edison’ style lamps!)

A faux candle,

in a pretty beaded shade, adds a nice glow.

While, a little artwork

hung from the book stacks…

and an antiqued mirror,

in an aged blue gray frame, add interest.

On the frame is painted,

‘Voir c’est Croire’


‘Seeing is Believing.’

I believe,

it’s time to kick off my shoes,

sit for a while and get lost,

in the pages of a good


Don’t worry…they know I’m in here.

You might want to consider, carving out

a ‘Mom Cave’ of your own !

Would love to know if you do.



Mirror  ~ Ravenna Gardens

French Oyster Basket & Beaded Shade  ~ Red Ticking

(Please click on Red Ticking in the Sidebar!)

Light  & Lamp ~ Anthropologie