The Perfect Piece ~ The Perfect Patina ~ The Perfect Place

I have been searching

and searching…

(for years, literally!)

looking for that perfect piece, to place,

on our kitchen Mantel.

Most days, it’s left quite bare,

a carved medallion and two empty white vases,

the only adornment.

I do dress the mantel

with the occasional wreath,

like the gorgeous Bay beauty

that graced our mantel

during a Holiday Home Tour,

or, a garland, here and there.

But other than that,


Believe me, I’ve looked!

I’ve looked at:

paintings, serving trays, pitchers,

but nothing came home with me,

until now.

Isn’t it beautiful?

An antique pizza board, from a long ago,

European, pizza vendor.

I love the size & simplicity.

I love that it’s useful & beautiful.

I adore the warm, aged patina,

the way the rustic, plays off of the refined

Venetian Glass chandeliers.

I like the small handle,

with the vendor’s name

still faintly visible

but not legible,

worn away,

by the passing of time.


this rustic, old pizza board

takes me back in time,

days spent watching Grandma Nettie,

effortlessly knead the dough

for her delicious pizzas.

Isn’t it wonderful,

when a simple decor piece,

evokes a happy memory?

It’s the best kind of decorating,

and just the soulful note…

our kitchen needed.

It was worth the wait.



Antique Pizza Board ~ Rosa Mundi’s