Bits & Bobs ~ Pantry Inspiration

I’ve pulled together,

another little gathering basket,

this one for the pantry…

you know I love these

and a few other goodies,

in honor of our new pantry cabinet.

This gathering basket,

is vintage inspired and made of wire.

I filled it to the brim with wonderful things.

Again, pieces that make family meals & entertaining, a breeze.

Do you love these fluted glass French milk bowls?  I do!

They’re brilliant, for coffee, cocoa, condiments or ice cream.

So pretty, love, love, love these!

And these French inspired wine glasses,

also caught my eye!

An exceptionally keen-eyed buyer & shop owner,

thought they looked like Ina’s…

(as in GARTEN!)

expensive French wine glasses and so do I!

But without the expensive price tag!

Ha! Even better!

So, I tucked in a few of those babies!

And a small bouquet waits in the wings.

I gathered anything and everything one might need

to make a soiree simply fab,


a shiny cutlery menu cardholder.

Our worn, Italian cheese boards

make a nice backdrop for this cool basket.

And I’m lovin’ this…

wonderful tray, made of worn wood strips!

Can’t you just see it, with a few fig leaves,

cheese, maybe a small votive?

It gives a rustic touch to our pantry,

while taking the sleek mirror back splash,

down a notch!

My cleaning rags even look special…

under glass.


& small serving utensils

are right at my fingertips.

And I really like these simple, white drying cloths, you?

Nothing major…

just a few pantry accouterments, for the butler…




Basket ~ Ravenna Gardens

Milk Bowls, Glasses  & Wood tray ~ The Arbour

Towels ~ Sur la Table

Flash Card ~ Watson Kennedy

Cutlery Menu Card Holder ~Anthropologie

Flowers ~Metropolitan Market