Perhaps it’s the promise of

fall but…

Image ~ Howard Petrella

after a fast paced summer, spent on the

water; the edge of fall, triggers a

slower, more soulful side of

me. Is it the same for you?

I find myself especially drawn to the

personal little spaces and intimate

corners of our home, soulful

spaces, laced with ‘old world’


A small wall, in our

dining room tugs at me.

It began with this

wonderful piece of bucolic art.

As kids, our Grandmother Nettie, would tell us stories about

her childhood home in Italy and how

the livestock would sleep on the

ground floor, with the family living

above. No doubt, that’s why the

oil painting of sheep & a ‘manger’ of sorts…ended up on my

Christmas list one year!  The nostalgic piece has been

hanging on this wall, in our dining room, ever since.


a worn, tiered, vintage plant stand with

fragrant lavender, in rustic ‘wine barrel’ style pots,

flank a simple woven charger,

each piece, brimming, with ‘old country’ charm.

Stacked ceramic olive dishes, pop against the dark background.

Olive trees, fields of lavender and pumpkin soup…

I can almost taste and smell the

fall, Italian harvest.

Yes, there is even a pale white hint of my

favorite season ahead and a

soulful sentiment…

that is fitting, year round.

It is no wonder that this small wall ‘speaks’ to me.

AS DOES this, earthy dining room


featuring a long handled, Italian pizza


with a metal patch,

no less!

In my Grandmother’s Italian village,

each family would bring their carefully

crafted bread dough, to the heart of town,

to bake in the communal


I wonder if my family

had one of these in the

‘old country?’

Again, it is no wonder this

piece followed me home…

Not only because of the beautiful ‘patina’…

but because the worn & warped wood paddle, symbolizes

yet another a piece, of our familial past.

What ‘speaks’ to you?