I set out…

to find bare root Quince trees

but came home with this,

an old French flower crate.

I know, not even close.

But my love of unusual containers,

and all things worn & gray took over.

I couldn’t resist.

What can I say,

the weathered wood and rusty hardware speak to me.

I wonder about the story,

the history.

Where has it been?

What has it carried and by whose hands?

You can see the outline of the original crate label.

The current French label reads

Fleurs de France Jardin des Halles Paris,’

which is an enormous park

built on the site of the old Paris market.

Other than that, I haven’t a clue.

It is a mystery.

I like mysteries.

For now, the old French crate is filled with primroses.

Predictable I know,

but they were 10 for 10 bucks at my local market

and I plan to plant them in my pots.


Plunked on our dining room table,

the old crate lends a soulful touch of spring.

But I can see this beauty,

filled with wheatgrass at Easter;

loaded with baguettes at a gathering.

Upright, it could even make a rustic end table.

And for me, perhaps the ultimate test,

it can stand alone.

Would love your thoughts…ideas.

By the way,

my search for Quince wasn’t entirely fruitless.

I did find some wonderful trees…

though not Quince per se.

They are being planted right now.

Gorgeous day here.

I’ll show you soon.



French Flower Crate ~

Rosa Mundi’s Antiques