There is something simply delightful about

cooking and eating, outdoors.  It’s that whole

alfresco kitchen/dining thing…love it!

So, I set out to create the feel of

an outdoor kitchen like space, without

the cost and the commitment of

a ‘built-in’ design. I envisioned

something more

‘unfitted’ and mobile, if

need be. And, I hoped to bring a few

indoor luxuries…outdoors!

Our outdoor ‘kitchen’ design began with a shiny new

BBQ…of course!

We selected a

‘built in’ model, without the

side wings and left it, freestanding.

Love this unfitted, industrial

look! Not unlike a freestanding stove.

I shopped around for a cool

kitchen ‘counter’ and found this

wood based, zinc topped, double-decker, rolling

side table with

cool hardware &

casters, (my favorite!)

It was the floor model, so we picked it

up at a great price. Even better! I placed it,

to create the classic kitchen ‘L.’

NEXT, I found a pair of inexpensive

metal BBQ bar stools.

Now we can

pull up to the new ‘kitchen’ bar for a glass or a nosh! The stools are

stackable…easy to store under the

eaves when the

rains come.

I pulled in, a few of our existing garden pots to

add greenery & soften and frame the space.

Love the olive tree, bay topiary & Italian Cyprus!

Very Mediterranean.

Next, I strung

globe lights, between two

rebar poles, for some thrifty, makeshift and magical

lighting. Our hedge provides a nice

organic backdrop!

And check out the unexpected artwork!

The Piazza Navona…a soulful,

family favorite!

Imagine the possibilities for good weather, outdoor art!

We needed a little more ‘counter space’ for the

BBQ/’stove’ and I fell in love with this

French Fermob bistro table in my

fav blue-gray!

The table does double duty!

It holds dishware, plus,

paired with

the burlap & down dressed bisto chair, it’s

a nice spot to sit, sip & watch all of the

barbecue action!

Or have dinner for two, hot

off the grill!

For a little more indoor luxury…I

pulled out a favorite

velvet stool…great

legs, nail heads and

all. For ‘refrigeration,’ I fell in love with

this really cool,

European galvanized metal

tray…for beverages on

ice! Okay, check out the



This piece was literally

calling my


For the outdoor ‘cupboard,’ I layered in a cool

bottle drying rack…to hold our

French bistro glasses.

Found an inexpensive

plate rack too…

I added a few

pretties: herb pots, flowers (garnishes!)


a little



And with that, we have created a

fun, new, outdoor ‘kitchen’ corner of


A few new pieces…

and borrowing from the old.

This space now has function, personality and

pizazz. Plus,

it’s mobile. We’re not

locked in.

And at night…


It’s fairly


This space is now, more than simply a

BBQ on the patio.

It’s an alfresco unfitted kitchen!

‘The Mister’

likes it!

Good thing, because

HE does most of the


Will you pull together an

outdoor kitchen?

By the way…I’m

dressing up our new alfresco cooking area for

The 4th

and you can too.

Be back soon with a dose of


‘Old Glory’ Décor




The pieces

Zinc table ~ Pottery Barn, French Bistro Table  & pots ~ Ravenna Gardens,

Stools ~ Cost Plus, Bottle drying rack ~ Haley’s cottage,

Velvet Stool ~ The Arbour, Framed artwork ~ Paisley Cupboard