Image ~ Skillet Chronicles

With their ‘flaming’ glossy red-orange skin and

sweet, tangy taste, it’s no wonder, the

ancient Greeks, called Persimmons…

Image ~ Oakland Garden Kitchen

‘the fruit of the Gods’ and ‘nature’s


Talk about Fall’s glory,

look at that yummy color.

And we’re in luck. Persimmons will begin popping up in

local markets, as early as late

September and becoming more plentiful, in

October and November.

I love the ancient lore and the gorgeous color and

Thought, hmmm, Persimmon trees…

they might make an interesting,

high hedging material along our

gravel path. Plus, they fit in with the edible

landscape thing I’ve got going.

So I loaded up the truck and…

I’m digging in.

I picked up five, lovely Persimmon trees, at my local

nursery sale and lined them up like little

soldiers along our cement wall.

Okay, it doesn’t

look like much YET…but just wait. And you know,

I’m not one of those

‘instant garden’ types. I like to watch things

grow. I’ve got a nice start.

The wall is already faced with

tall Boxwood and topped with pots of fragrant

lavender. (Still hoping to fill in, with a few

more of the ruffled pots.)

Above the wall however, was open territory, until


I plan to clip and shape the

Persimmon trees to create a

tall topiary-like hedge, of sorts. Eventually,

with a little coaxing and perhaps a few

metal or wood supports, the Persimmon trees may even form a

nice, natural canopy, for ‘nature’s candy.’

We may even get a few ripe persimmons, this season.

You can caramelized them under the broiler, with a little

honey, fold them into sweet bread recipes with

moist, tasty results and there is always, Persimmon


Persimmons, ‘the fruit of the Gods.’

Time to plant.