A Chair with Your Name On It ~

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When I saw this gorgeous chair,

in a French Magazine,

I knew, it was the feel I wanted,

for the inspiration desk,

in our master.

Vintage, perhaps antique fabric,

with the edges left raw and beginning to fray,

simple, flat, nail heads,

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the upholstery,

left a little rumpled in places,

in short…


(Please, ask these people to invite me to dinner!)

I’m sure, the chair frame alone,

is some fabulous French antique,

And it’s (they are) lovely…but NOT in MY budget.

The chair I’m recovering,

is quite different,

I know, I know, it pales in comparison

but I have plans for this chair, okay?!

It’s less than 20 years old

and in desperate need of a makeover!

The fabric is faded from the sun,

the pattern dated,

a leftover, from one of my earlier,

décor taste periods.

(There have been a few!)

I’ve already started to sand away

some of the dark finish,

to get to the raw look beneath.

I like what I see.

As for the fabric…

I can’t wait to show you my gorgeous, new/old,

French grain sack!

Be back soon!