Old Country Side Dish ~

Love a tasty side of potatoes with

steaks hot off the summer grill and

these rustic potatoes are so good and

so easy…just like

our  grandma &

mom used to make!

Here’s the secret,

green peppers sauteed in good

olive oil. Yep. Just boil seven or so

Yukon Gold potatoes, skins and all,

in salted water until tender

and then give them a

 rough mash. Slice and saute a few

green peppers, in a good amount of

olive oil. Add salt, pepper and

a few red pepper flakes for a little kick.

 Fold it all together. Dress the

potatoes and

peppers with an extra

drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of gray salt if you like.

Now, I know they aren’t fancy but


they’re filled with delicious

old world flavor,