Leisurely Garden Stroll ~

It’s early July in our 

garden. A medley of plantings are

just hitting their prime and I’ve

stopped  to smell the lavender. 

I’m beginning

to taste the sweet

fruits of my labor. The

French  green bush

 beans, I dotingly  raised

from seed, are nearly ready to

harvest. The champagne grape

vines are twirling their

way up our fig tree, using

it as a natural support.

I love  that.  I adore our succulents

too…with their sublime shades of 

blue & green…


Our fountain, turned herb planter, is

spilling over with incredibly

fragrant curry, rosemary 

and thyme.

Our courtyard lavender survived

the recent pounding rain.

Speaking of lavender,

the lovely white  

varieties of lavender I

planted weeks ago

are beginning to bloom…

  and the scent, as they

sway in the lake breeze, is

wonderful. So that’s it, Just a

leisurely Sunday stroll…

down our garden path.

Thanks for coming along,