12th Gal Monica Hart La Famiglia Design 


So about this little football game going down in Seattle on Sunday….

 It’s the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP battle between the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and

the 49ers. So excited! #GOHAWKS!

 Much has been said about the 12th man and rightfully so



 I thought it would be fun for the 12th gal to fly her own flag –

a cocktail flag!  You IN?


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design 

The Seattle Times featured a manly hawktail but

here’s a feminine & flirty icy blue martini drop I call

The Seahawk Sip,  handcrafted just for the

12th gal with a side of green skittles.


12th Gal  ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design



It’s a Beauty & the Beast Mode  kind of thing.

 The stunning shade of Seahawkish blue comes from

Blue Curacao with it’s lovely notes of orange citrus.


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart 

Then I added a splash of…true to its name Chartreuse…

an intriguing and mysterious herby &

florally liqueur made for centuries by monks. A little goes a long way!


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart 

 Next comes a minty simple syrup.

{One part water to one part granulated sugar, a spring or two of fresh mint,

simmered on the stove top, strain and chill}

 The 12th Gal  ~ Monica Hart


Swirl the glass in a pool of fresh lime juice and then dust it in

sparkling sugar.

Next, it’s all about accessorizing.


12th Gal ~ Monica hart 

To dress the glass…blue & green mermaids splash just below the rim. I added a

saucy garnish of mint and fresh tipsy blueberries soaked in the


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


blue Curacao…on a pretty blue or green ‘diamond’ pick.


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


 A trip the party store yielded NFL sanctioned Seahawk paper napkins but the

12th gal deserves better so I made my own with these

cloth cocktail napkins embellished with sparkly Seahawk decals.


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart


Here’s the recipe. Hope you like it.

12th gal sips and

NFC championship dreams Seattle Seahawks!



 The 12th Gal recipe:


1 1/2 shots good vodka

1/2 shots Blue Curacao Liqueur

Splash of Chartreuse Liqueur

½ shot mint simple syrup

¼ shot fresh lime juice


Put the ingredients into your shaker with plenty of ice, shake and serve.


12th Gal ~ Monica Hart




Monica Hart