I left my heart   in…

San Francisco!

Sorry for the lack of posting!

Been on the road…for the last several days…visiting

family, friends, colleges and of

course, shopping &


in the San Francisco Bay area.

The weather was unseasonably g~o~r~g~e~o~u~s

Clear, warm…a toasty 70 degrees! In a 


We had the best tour guides ever! I’ll tell you about

them soon! I have an inspired shopping

guide for you…from

some uber-cool, 20 something, SF girls!

The list will have you drooling…

I’ll take you to a fabulous open-air market…

and tell you about the coolest 

workout gym on the planet!

We’ll go shoe shopping & sip champagne!

Hope you’ll come along for the trip!

 SF girl wannabe…