It was time,

time to refresh the entrance.

Time to clear away the cedar garland & paperwhites that soldiered through

the December and early January storms.

Time, to in tuck something new;

Something fragrant.

A few white hyacinths and frilly white primroses did the trick.

It was all the entrance needed.

for a fresh start.

(Love white ~ so clean)

Clipped a few small branches and grabbed some twine,

to create a natural support.

And the heavenly scent isn’t lost on me.

I like to stop and smell the hyacinths.

This simple update, will tie me over for a while.

Still want to savour winter.

Evenings spent by the fire

dining on hearty soups;

listenting to the waves crash over the bulkhead.

But off in the distance…

In the swelling of the fig tree leaf buds,

I see, the promise of spring.