Simple ~ ‘Fresco’ ~ Divine!

I hope you make this succulent Strawberry Jam for your family!

With strawberries entering their

prime…there is no excuse

NOT to whip up this gorgeous

‘Fresco’ Jam. The deep red color….

the mouthwatering fresh taste and did I mention the

aroma of strawberries and citrus bubbling on the stove…

wafting through your halls…

heavenly!  My husband and son came home and said,

‘what are you making!’ Don’t tell them its sooo easy! It will be our

little secret.

The jam keeps in the fridge for a week IF it lasts that long!

The Vignette ~

The Berries ~

The Jam ~

The Joy ~

The Recipe ~

Pick up a few little containers of  fresh strawberries,

wash and hull.

Mash them up and

put them in a heavy pot.

Add  1/2 cup of  Vanilla Bean sugar,

more if you like it sweet,

the zest of one small orange and a few tablespoons

of freshly squeezed juice.

Simmer away on the stove top for

30 minutes or so until it all

comes together in a thick

gloppy consistency. If this an adults

only jam, go ahead and add a little

Brandy or Grand Marnier!

This Citrus jam is fantastic

on ice cream, slathered on

pork tenderloin then baked in the oven

and of course on toast…

or in my case, brioche!