Beauty & the Blog ~

I don’t usually talk beauty  here…

but these little lovelies are SO fab…I HAD  to share! 

So, here we go….

Okay,  first up…get your glow on with 

this little French Polynesian  number, ‘Glow II’…from


 It’s something called, Monoi de Tahiti oil…

 a sublime combination of Tahitian gardenia & Coconut extract.

This body oil is fantastically fragrant but not overpoweringly so and you can

just forgo your fragrance. Plus,

your skin will actually G~L~O~W…no really, and who

doesn’t want that?? Anyway,

 you can find it here.

Heaven in a bottle, seriously. 

 Next up, on a recent stay in Southern Cal,

my dear friend Jeanne,

spoiled me  with this and

now I’m hooked!

It’s a soy  based facial cleanser and makeup remover all in one, from


I love  the convenience of that!

Plus, the soy  & rose water combo, leaves your skin clean and 

feeling super hydrated. Thank you miss Jeanne!

You can find Fresh here.

And lastly, pucker up!

A darling hair stylist told me about this lip line

called, Tarte. 

The lip tint really stays put…but it doesn’t

stain your lips…so you can change out your color easily from

day to night. You can find Tarte here.

So there you go, my first post, from

The Beauty Bar.

Let me know what you think,