She wears many 
Nordstrom via Pinterest


She’s a wife, mom, daughter, business woman,

caretaker, entrepreneur, gardener, teacher…..

SHE is you & me…trying to

do it all!  We’re all busy right?…at times, over scheduled.

So how about a helping hand.

The Go-Getter Gals Guide to________.

We’re going 4-G with

 little lifestyle nuggets  to simplify your…day to day, so you

have time leftover…to pursue your


 We’ll kick things off  in the kitchen  with this quick & tasty




It’s not even a recipe, really. That’s how easy it is!

Hummus with lemon zest & thyme ~

AND here’s what I love about it. A jar of these  



 a few (three or so) tablespoons of




should be pantry staples.

 Now all you need is:



 Zest of half a lemon and a squeeze of fresh juice  

A sprinkling of fresh or dried thyme or chives…

(blossoms and all, if you have them in your kitchen garden!)

Salt & pepper to taste


Give it a whir in the food

processor and you have a quick little



spread for crackers, crostini , pita wedges & veggies.

It’s a yummy little appetizer or late night snack, in a jiff.

And done!