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 Just in time for your  weekend…

My Girls Night In with Monica Hart at Woodinville Lavender

 Lavender & Blackberry Martini Drop  recipe hits TODAY’S NEST!

{Click on TODAY’S  NEST, above  for the link! Thank you SAM!}

 Monica Hart - Girls Night In - Stefanie Knowlton photography

Image – Stefanie Knowlton Photography


Okay, if you make ONE of my little herbaceous cocktails….let it be THIS one!

Seriously…it’s refined   beauty in a glass with its vivid violet hue from the

Parfait Amour…a citrusy & flowery liqueur, reminiscent of an earlier time.

It includes wild  blackberry and broVo lavender  spirits too!

But this glam  lavender sip has a modern  twist!

Drop in on TODAY’S NEST for my

Girls Night In 

Lavender & Blackberry Martini Drop recipe.


Come back and leave a comment on my blog and you’ll be entered to win a

mini  cocktail hour giveaway! I’ll include two of my glam

gold rimmed   Girls Night In shot glasses 


Monica Hart * Lavender & Blackberry Martini Drop


a mini  shaker and a few pretty  cocktail extras!

 Hope you check it out!



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