Potager - Kitchen Garden from seed - Monica Hart


It’s time once again to sow the seeds for our pretty potager  – otherwise known as

our kitchen garden! {LOVE}

Never mind the cold Seattle rain, spring IS eternal and it’s coming! Promise!

There is something so satisfying about growing your garden from SEED!

So I pulled out my worn pots {on a wine barrel lazy susan}  and pretty cloches for 

the greenhouse effect…


Potager - Kitchen Garden - Monica Hart




Potager - Monica Hart


and recycled  egg and salad cartons. I’m ready to

PLANT from seed!


Potager - Kitchen Garden - Monica Hart



Potager - Kitchen Garden - Monica Hart

{Love the salad carton idea  from my sister Linda! Just poke a few holes in

the bottom for drainage and use the carton top to catch the surplus H2O! }


You don’t necessarily need an official potting shed  to pull this off.

My potting shed is makeshift and sits on an old pine island

right off of our kitchen & dining room.


Potager - Kitchen Garden from Seed - Monica Hart


potager - Kitchen Garden from seed - Monica Hart


Potager - Kitchen Garden - Monica Hart


Good light is a must! This space gets plenty of

sunlight thanks to a bank of glass French

doors and a mini duomo.


Potager - Monica Hart


Each year I have fun finding the little extras  that make the seed planting process pretty

& meaningful. That’s just me, that’s just my signature :)

This time around I rolled out a chalkboard paper runner for garden ‘notes’,


Potager - Monica Hart


 included fun bee  garden markers on mini wooden party forks…


Potager - Monica Hart


 vintage  garden ‘art’ 


Potager - Monica Hart


& something from the heart for inspiration…


Potager - Monica Hart


a vintage framed photo of my grandfather Paul and BIG bro Bob as a kid,

shovel & dibber in hand, planting the delicious Seattle kitchen gardens of my childhood.


Yes, the gardening thing is in my genes!

Thus, the  authentic ‘Italian’ basil!


Potager - Monica Hart


I’m also trying my hand at these lovelies and more.


Potager - Monica Hart


Looking forward to babying my seedlings.

Looking forward to spring!




Thanks for hanging out,


Monica Hart