The Reveal and the Journey

The day began,

with the rather eerie,

prerequisite draping of the furniture.

Next, a conference call,

between our electricians,

Andrew and Wes,

(Thank you!)

over how to make

Italian wiring, meet American codes.

Then, I waver, endlessly,

over the height…

While ‘the Mr.’ teases poor Wes,

about being back for yet another round,

and not being old enough to shave,

when he began with us, seven years ago.

Has our little ‘remodeling’ project

really been seven years in the making?

Wes, has gone from a young apprentice, dating

his high school sweetheart

to a journeyman, married to her

and a father of two.


But the time,

makes the installation,

all the more sweet.

Soon, the tear drop

of delicate

Venetian glass

and twisted tendrils

are in place.

It is just a whisper of

a sconce, really,

nearly floating,


the warm silver frame,

on the accent wall,

of Venetian Blue.

I drape ‘her’ nightstand,

(still working on cleaning up ‘his’)

with a length of soft blue silk

and layer it,

with a few, simple,

pretty pieces.




But even I don’t anticipate,

the way the light,

softly ripples across the pale blue wall,

as evening sets in…

like the ripples on

the silent waters

of the Venetian Canals.

Seven years…

the journey…

I like it,

when lives & homes

are built in layers.

Thank you Giuseppe,

for my special delivery,

from Venice.

Worth the wait.



Sconces ~ Luce Italia

Electrical ~ ANM Electric (425)861-7195