Holiday Inspiration from the North ~

Image via ~ My Shabby Streamside Studio ~

It arrived and I’m drooling!

My copy of this gorgeous  book capturing Christmas,  through the

eyes of best selling author, stylist and interior decorator

Nina Hartmann.  Vintage by Nina Christmas, is filled with simple yet jaw-dropping

holiday vignettes, showcasing vintage homes in Sweden, Denmark and Holland.

I ordered my Christmas copy  here …through Atelier de Campagne.  I also ordered

 Vintage by Nina,  showcasing her  stunning home. These two, lovely books

aren’t brand spanking new or anything…but they are  new to me! And while it might seem

just a tad odd,  for a girl with a blog titled, La Famiglia,  ‘the family’ in Italian,

to be so smitten with all things Swedish…it’s in my blood. I’m

half & half, Swedish and Italian…fire & Ice (explains a lot).

My father’s parents, Oskar Hjalmar and Anna Christina were both born in Sweden.

Here is a treasured photo of my grandparents at their Seattle home.

 And while I never had the opportunity to meet them…

I feel as though I know them, a little , after piecing together our Swedish

history for a family reunion. I blogged about it HERE …if you like :)

 It was a very personal, cool and sentimental journey.

Anyway, all of this might explain why I am so obsessed  with Nina’s beautiful books!

 Thanks to Nina, I am now totally inspired to revisit Santa Lucia  day, which

is December 13th…the winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. 

It’s the festival of lights.

Image ~ Stefanie Knowlton

Young girls with crowns of

burning candles in their hair…

lighting the night.

Image ~ Stefanie Knowlton 

My darling  neices played the part for me, a few years back.

  I’ve started other Swedish traditions…

As always, our son and I will make ‘Tomte’…

gnome-like, gingerbread cookies for Santa.

I’ll share the recipe, later in the season.

 I’m also on the lookout for a few Swedish inspired ornaments and

I suddenly feel like making a batch of Swedish meatballs.

I love holiday traditions! You?