I carved out, a little Winter

Bar of sorts, on our sideboard.

All glass, gleam and


my latest wintry


Simply adore

them. Truth be told,

spirits’ aren’t

 really my

thing but

 I love, the nostalgia

of a cocktail bar.

So old school, you know?

So retro.

So Frank Sinatra, Dean Matin and

Sammy Davis Jr. cocktail cool.

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Even if you don’t partake…

 it’s the romance of it all.

The paraphernalia…

the pretty pieces: shakers, trays, decanters,

cocktail attire, crooning music, the Schmaltz!

Plus, I love the

colorful bottles, especially back-lit,

the sunlight streaming through.

Such a lovely blue…

rivaling even…lake and


Vintage cutlery

 for condiments and

decorative picks at

the ready.

The Winter Bar,

 Just add…