We made the Summer 2011 issue!

Our kitchen, will be featured in the

June issue of the

Better Homes and Gardens publication,

‘Beautiful Kitchens & Baths’

So excited & honored!!!

It’s a gorgeous magazine!

Filled with inspiration, can’t believe we will be in it!

Loved our article in Seattle Homes & Lifestyles and now this!

So cool! I’ll keep you posted!

* * *

Got Dirt?

Our raised garden bed structure is complete

& it’s time to get dirty!

AND our new pantry cabinet,

is scheduled for installation next week!

So exciting!!!

First up, the garden bed!

It’s wonderful.

I’m just thrilled!

Wayne and Randy did a fabulous job.

Thank you!  Can’t wait to show you!

Now, it’s time to add the soil, lay in irrigation, lighting

and a Bluestone path, for easy access.

And then, it’s time to PLANT!

I’m designing the layout now.

I have some starts, waiting in the wings,

including: pumpkins & gourds,

Still too early to put them out, though.

Same goes for tomatoes!

I’m also putting in, peas, speckled Amish Butterhead lettuce,

another variety called, ‘Merlot’ (just the name does it for me!)

& Broccoli De Cicco.

Other veggies, I’m growing from seed,

like these pole beans, which are just sprouting

& heirloom lettuce

and French baby carrots!


Oh, I received a call,

the cool cloches I ordered, are on their way!

Still need to pick up a few essentials…

a new hose and a place to stow it. I have some ideas.

I will have a little Garden Giveaway,

once the raised bed is planted!

I hope you enter!!!

Now, on to our new pantry cabinet.

It’s scheduled for install next week.

Still have to reveal, one last, small detail.

I hope you’ll like it.

I’m planning a little Giveaway around that, as well!

Working on my Easter tablescape…you?