DIY Garden Bar - Monica Hart

Our rusty old metal baker’s rack had lost its luster .

So, while prepping our garden for spring & summer fun, I grabbed a

can of  pretty blue spray paint and gave it a


DIY Garden Bar



 fresh NEW summer look! It went from rusty black to a soft shade of icy blue –

in minutes for pennies!

 Do you have a piece you can paint? Just wondering…?

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Seriously, come sunny days…how charming 

will this garden bar  be in an unexpected shade of blue?

 I can just see the frosty bottle of champagne on ice!

I took the garden bar for a test drive, quickly pulling together some easy summer pieces like

this sophisticated lucite ice bucket,


DIY Garden Bar - Monica Hart


this vintage French  bottle carrier


DIY Garden Bar


and  then I gave the garden bar a little glamour  with a smattering of gold accents .



DIY Garden Bar - Monica Hart




DIY Outdoor Bar - Monica Hart


Am I blue? OH ya…

and loving it!