Easter Greens

While pondering how to decorate our

Easter table, I found myself admiring the

vibrant green young leaves of the

graceful old Weeping Willow out our

back door. I had a small epiphany.

I wonder….

if the supple branches can

handle it?

Of course they can…It’s a Weeping Willow!

I  clipped a branch and

formed it into a

 sweet & organic Easter basket

handle. Okay, it’s not really a

basket per say but a

vintage jello tin. I love the mellowed

metal surface. I tucked in

natural ‘Easter grass’ for contrast,

pretty, speckled, dark chocolate

eggs & flowers…some just

plucked from our

garden and others

sugary sweet.

My ribbon box yielded

plenty of embellishing

options. So, I gussied up

each tin. I love how the gleam of the

baskets look against the

natural linen tablecloth &

white runners.

So our Easter table is now taking shape,

thanks to this latest

vintage tin & willow



Our jello tins never looked

so good.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Tablecloth & runners ~ Haley’s Cottage