But first, my thoughts and prayers are with all of  you, in the path of  the hurricane,

And now, fall comes to…


Woodinville Lavender.

With the lavender clipped into neat little buns,

it must be fall in the fields  at Woodinville lavender.

All images courtesy Woodinville Lavender *

 And, there is still plenty  of pretty to see and do.

Owner, Tom Frei, shared these gorgeous pictures of the fall fields.

And if you love lavender  as much as I do…fall, is the

time to plant!  If you live nearby,

I hope you take advantage of

Woodinville Lavender’s plant sale…while supplies last! 

Meanwhile, there is a harvest  of

another sort going on in these gorgeous fields…

Tom, is offering lavender distillation  classes for kids.

Yep, kids can get a hands on  look, at

 how lavender oil is harvested. Tom is a

‘rocket scientist ‘  by day…

And check out this shiny, old school,

artisanal copper distiller Tom uses in class.

Now this, is one beautiful  science lesson!

For more information, please visit this link.

AND I have another  little experiment to share with you.

When I first visited Woodinville Lavender, back

in July, (here’s a link to that post) I asked Tom about growing

etched  pumpkins…on the side.

So he gave it a try and look at this...


So cool!  Great Job Tom!

 The process begins when the pumpkin is very young and as 

the pumpkin grows, so does the etching.

Here’s the adorable little pumpkin, the gourd is named for :)

Anyway, Tom says he might expand on this idea next season…

In the meantime, many thanks to Tom and Woodinville Lavender for

sharing these lovely fall photos,