I just received word from Venice,

that our Murano glass sconces have shipped!

I actually squealed!

As you may remember,

The sconces will be mounted

on the wall behind the nightstands

in our Master.

So, I want to get going on my…

Reupholstering project ~

Part II

The Fabric

I was so thrilled, to find this lovely

and rather long French grain sack,

with simple blue pinstripes,

for my reupholstering project.

I plan to use it,

to recover the old chair , I told you about,

in our master.

And while French grain sacks,

may be ‘old hat’ to you…

this is my FIRST,

so please, excuse me for a minute,

while I linger & drool all over,

my good fortune.

The weight, of the grain sack fabric alone, is amazing.

I don’t actually know, how old it is,

but the workmanship,

is of another time.

Even the patch is perfect!

I had to share it, with my sister, Linda,

a life-long sewist and fabric lover.

We marveled at the hand stitching.

The seams,

all sewn by hand, TWICE.

Reinforced, no doubt, to protect the precious family grain supply.

So many questions…

Is the thick thread, homespun?

I Don’t know, but it’s cool!

The small, blue, cursive ‘P’

points to a family initial.

‘Perreault…Plasse,’ perhaps?

I like, that it’s a mystery.

To cover the front side of the chair,

(the back will be simple muslin)

I need to rip out some of the seams…seems a shame.

Linda loaned me, her GOOD seam ripper.

She will tell you,

I’m not always long, on method

but this, is different.

Under her expert tutelage, I take my time,

out of respect, for the old school workmanship.

Aware, that I am removing stitches,

in time.

What is this fascination, with another time?

It seems, the faster, the thinner

and smaller our technology becomes,

the more we long for,

the thick, authentic materials

and painstaking workmanship of yesterday.

This project,

is going to take ME.

quite some time…

I’ll share the journey.



Grain Sack ~ Red Ticking