Holiday wreaths, flowers & Greenery

There is nothing quite like the real thing, especially during the holidays!

When it comes to holiday decorating, I

 try to opt for real holiday greenery…real wreaths and flowers, garlands and swags

whenever I can.

Simple GREEN swags hang from our dining room

chandeliers for the Starbucks Holiday Collection photo shoot.



Holiday Swags Photo Credit Starbucks -  Francisco Ramos-Sabugo Rodriguez

Photo Credit Starbucks –  Francisco Ramos-Sabugo Rodriguez   


The fragrance & feel of real is hard to duplicate. Sometimes I clip my

holiday greenery from our garden hedges, bay topiaries, olive & rosemary bushes.


Holdiay greenery ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


{I hope you plant any or all of the above come spring, even in deck pots for NEXT holiday season!!}

Here are just a few green sprigs tucked into a burlap bag my sister Linda and I made.

What I don’t have in the garden…I supplement from my local market or florist.

Sometimes I clip a few branches from my sister Carol’s garden.

If you can’t go completely real…try tucking a few garden clippings into a faux wreath or garland. 

The fragrance just says Christmas to me :)


One or two beautiful pine sprigs go a long, long way.  


Holiday greenery ~ Real pine tassels via Monica Hart La Famiglia Design



Do you like the simple & real pine tassels I fashioned for our holiday mantel?


Merry, merry,