The Edible Garden

Image ~ Harris Graber via

Been dreaming (obsessing) about these ~


That beautiful golden orange fruit,

with the velvety skin and flesh.

You know,

smooth & sweet, with a musty taste .

Are you with me here?

Convenient then,

that it’s bare root planting time for these

jewel tone beauties.

Our maritime climate makes mid to late winter ideal for

getting bare root trees in the ground.

And, they’re a bargain right now, bonus!

My gardening philosophy has shifted through the years;

From a love of roses and cut flowers to…if it’s not edible why grow it.

Don’t get me wrong, still love our hedges for structure & sentimental roses,

but for the most part,

if I can’t put it in a soup or salad,

grill it or roast it…well.

So, with that in mind,

‘the guys’ (The fabulous Jefferson Landscaping)

pulled the privet topiaries in our large patio urns,

to make room for these.

A lovely pair of Apricot trees…

Semi dwarf, Puget Gold Apricots to be exact.

It was a gorgeous winter day for freshening up the soil,

adding lighting and irrigation,

The bare branches look so promising against the vivid

blue backdrop.

But I’m dreaming of this.

Image ~ Wiktionary

Apricots are early bloomers ~

Can’t wait for the dainty blossoms!

But when it comes to the gorgeous fruit; I’m a realist.

My research tells me not to expect heaps of apricots

but I have hopes of making jam, a few tarts and maybe

an apricot Bellini, or two.

That’s all really.

I’ll let you know,

come August,

when we’ll hopefully get

a few of these gems.

Image ~ Smartshop

What are you thinking about planting?

Would love to know.



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