Sentimental Sifter

It was serendipity… when I stumbled upon

this…my grandmother Nettie’s old

flour sifter. I was organizing our kitchen

cupboards and there it was. How

had I missed it?

If you only knew, the mouthwatering pizzas, pastas,

breads and cookies

 this little number had a hand in.

The triple screen, Foley ‘Sift-chine’ dates back

to the 60’s. Back in the day, Foley was the ‘king’ of

house-ware manufacturing…started making pieces   

in the 1920’s.

 I love the vintage vibe of this piece and

it makes for a wonderfully sentimental and

fitting, kitchen flower vase.

You know, my grandmother’s old flour sifter isn’t

 worth much on eBay…

but to me…

it is a priceless treasure.

I should organize my cupboards more often.

Hope your week is off to a

great start,