Tailgate time - Monica Hart via  La Famiglia Design  - Image Stefanie Knowlton Photography

Stefanie Knowlton Photography


I kinda have a thing  for purple & gold!  Once a #UW Husky – ALWAYS a

UW Husky! So I’m celebrating the start of the season with a few easy & tasty tips to

dress up your next tailgate party!


 Let’s kickoff the college football season, with a pretty purple #Cocktail ~ The Huckleberry Martini Drop  anyone?


Huckleberry Martini Drop


 Huckleberries  are in season around here but you can also 

find them year-round in your market freezer section like I did.




This delish sip is made with Mountain Huckleberry flavored vodka from 44 north. I discovered it on a recent

trip to Walla Walla, Washington where huckleberry cocktails are apparently  quite popular! 


Come tailgate time, why not pull together a simple & portable cocktail tray!

Here are a few of my quick tailgate cocktail tray essentials: 

 Tailgate Time! Huckleberry Martini Drop - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


* Easy to tote stemless glassware with inexpensive team stickers found at the school bookstore  {Go Huskies!}

* Fun straws in team colors

 *  Colorful sparking sugar for the rim

* Flower pom poms in school colors kept fresh in florist tubes

*  Cool cloth napkins  {LOVE anything ticking! }

to dress up the cocktail tray and/or stitch up a few cocktail bite bags from extra napkins

{A big thank you  to my sis Linda who sews!}

 You can see, with a few easy extras, you’ve already  upped your tailgate game!


Tailgate Time! Monica Hart via La Famiglia Design - Image Stefanie Knowlton Photography

Stefanie Knowlton Photography 


Now for the huckleberry Husky cocktail…Here’s my twist:

 * A splash of Creme de Violette for a gorgeous purple hue

* Sweeten things up with a little homemade vanilla simple syrup

{1 part H2o to 1 part vanilla bean sugar simmered on the stove top. Strain & chill}


Vanilla Bean simple Syrup - Monica Hart


Next, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and

give the bottle a good shake,  pour over ice & garnish with huckleberries!

How easy is that!


The recipe:

1.5 shots of huckleberry vodka 

1/4 shot of creme de violette

3/4 shot of vanilla bean simple syrup

1/2 shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Pour into a lidded glass container for easy toting,  add lots of ice to the glass and pour!


Still to come…easy &  yummy tailgate bites! A huge thank you to Stefanie  of

Stefanie Knowlton Photography!