Blueberry Mule - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


R E F R E S H  this 4th of July with a cool concoction ~

The Blueberry Mule!

It’s packed with fresh market blueberries, chopped 

ginger and garden mint. Vodka gives it a spirited kick, fresh

lemon juice will make

ya pucker and the sparkling water gives it the perfect

summer FIZZ. Served in pretty little Mint Julep  cups I picked up

at Nordstrom and then dressed up with hair

ties and festive straws…the blueberry mule rocks!


Blueberry Mule - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design



Blueberry Mule - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


All  this delish sip takes is a little muddling muscle and a few good 

shakes of the old cocktail shaker and

bam – you’ve got a

rocking refreshment for the 4th of July and beyond!


1/3 cup fresh blueberries plus a few for garnishing

2 shots vodka

1/2 shot fresh lemon juice

1 shot simple syrup:

{1 part water to 1 part granulated sugar,

simmered on the stove top

and chilled}

a few springs of fresh garden mint

1 heaping teaspoon of chopped ginger



Muddle all of the ingredients minus the sparkling water in a

cocktail shaker.  Add ice, shake and strain 

into a metal cup. Top with two shots of sparkling water and garnish 

with a fresh mint sprig and a few plump berries.


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