Come holiday time,

I love the sweet,

intoxicating fragrance of


Forcing them, is one of my cool

little holiday rituals.

  Each year, just before


 I pick up a few bulbs from my favorite nursery

and force them…tricking them to

‘think spring.’

I know…they don’t look like much NOW but

 with a little luck and a lot of

patience, in four to six weeks,

they’ll bloom and our

home will be filled with

the heady holiday scent,

I’ve come to love.

 I for one, think they are

worth the effort.  I still pick up

potted Paperwhites from my

favorite nurseries…but there is something

satisfying, about watching them grow…

by your own hand.

 So, if it suits you, gather a

few fun containers and

decorative stones.

Here are a couple of growing tips:

The bulbs like ~

close quarters and

light watering.

They can get rather leggy, so, you’ll

eventually need some supports.

I’m off to my local nursery, to pick up

more supplies.

 Happy planting.


Paperwhite Bulbs ~ Ravenna Gardens