Sunflowers ~

I’ve been waiting months  for this…

waiting…for the sunflowers I

started from seed in

 early spring,

 in that makeshift 


‘potting shed’  of mine…

to finally bloom.

Do you remember my little potting shed?

How I painstakingly  wrapped each seed start,

in yesterday’s Italian  news?

Well, now  look!

My sunny sunflowers are all grown up!

 I have six golden beauties, tucked in

and about the garden and they

make me smile. Such a happy little flower. So much

joy,  from one little seed.

And if that isn’t enough, I’ve  also planted a fall  crop of

tender lettuces, in the courtyard kitchen garden. 

Some of the leaves are deep burgundy, others are vibrant green,

Some are even speckled.  I like how the leafy mix looks in

those white washed galvanized pots of ours.

I think I may need to whisk up a little warm

Dijon vinaigrette!

AND, with the apples ripening on our espaliers,

a handmade tart or two…is a must!

The colors are just beginning to turn in our fall garden.

Can’t wait for mother nature to put on

her big annual show,