The edge of Fall ~

Images ~ Stan McMeekin

Fall…It’s my favorite time of year…so rich & earthy  with

the harvest,  the changing colors, falling leaves, cool, crisp

nights, cozy  sweaters and rustic, one pot  meals. Okay, I’ll say it! I’m in love  with FALL!

Hold that thought…because I’ve pulled together an earthy fall picnic  setting, just for you  and its chalk-full of

Autumn Inspirations! 

I hope  you like it! This however, is a fall picnic with a twist!

And here’s the twist,  we’re not  leaving home! Nope, we’re staying in! I’ve taken our formal

 dining room, a space many of us don’t use often as we could.…and transformed it, into a rustic, earthy

fall  picnic setting. So fun, your guests will love it!

What’s more, my dear friend and gifted photographer,  Stan McMeekin

captured it all on camera, beautifully!  Thank you Stan for sharing

your gifts! With all of the fall decor, picnic and recipe ideas…

I thought it was way  too much Autumn Inspiration  for one post,

so, I’m spreading it out. I’ll be sharing a series  of

Autumn Inspirations photos, beginning with this…

The Autumn sideboard ~ 

It starts with my simple burlap curtain as a backdrop, (thank you Linda!)

made from a burlap remnant and hung from a garden branch. The curtain

conceals much of our crystal & china. I love the high & low  of

the lowly  burlap against the somewhat highbrow  hutch.

Next, the fall flora….

I pulled together a rustic, free-form fall 

bouquet…from garden clippings (free!) and used this vintage  silver

trophy, with it’s wonderfully worn patina, as a vase.

So much fall inspiration right out your back door!

Rustic wood place mats, line the pull out shelf and

a vintage  berry crate holds one of my signature,

‘bread bouquets.’  I love  this idea, with the rustic  loaves of peasant

bread and a lush, fragrant herb garnish, bound

with twine. It simply says ‘the harvest’….to me, anyway.

At the end of  the picnic,

I send the guests home with a loaf of their own

and my rustic bread soup recipe.

Rustic burlap, flora, pane, worn wood & dull silver….

that’s the first installment of

the Autumn Inspirations  series.

Still to come…The table, the menu & more fall decor!

 I hope you’ll keep checking back,