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All images ~ Rodrigo DeMedeiros, 425 Magazine

It’s summer barbecue season, people!! Time to gather outdoors and dine alfresco, under the stars. My kickoff to summer feature, in 425 Magazine, is ALL about the thrill of the summer grill.

It’s time to take your mad, summer barbecue skills, to the NEXT level, with these delicious grilling and serving ideas, I came across. I like to call it, the mop & board, technique. 

Okay, I know better, than to mess with another guys’ {or gals’} grill. BUT…these mopping and serving ideas, add SO much flavor, to any cut of meat, veggies even potatoes. I mean, this is a BBQ game changer. I hope you give it a try.


First, I like to set up a pretty sideboard, with everything a girl might need, to BBQ, like a Boss. Mini flower bouquet, NOT optional. Also not optional, this incredible, fresh herb mop.



It’s just a bunch of stems of fragrant and flavorful herbs, tied onto to a wooden spoon with a length of twine. {The herbs are from my kitchen garden, yippee! } I like to use fresh: rosemary, sage, chives parsley, thyme and oregano. I dip the herb mop, in a little olive oil, chopped herbs and lemon juice, and then, I slather say, a humble cut of flank steak, with all kinds of flavor, as it’s grilling’.



Next, I pull the meat from the fire and plop it directly on a cutting board, drizzled with good olive oil and a generous sprinkling of fresh, chopped: herbs, garlic, jalapeño and shallots. As I slice the meat, I run each piece, through this burst of flavor. Seriously delicious. {Mic drop, boom.}

Any-who, you can find the recipes for all of this BBQ goodness, in stores and online – at 425 Magazine, J  – Grillin’ and Chillin’ with Monica Hart. That’s me :)

Let’s hear it for the summer BBQ, kids.

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