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Hello HUGO!

Sipping  into the weekend… with this amazingly refreshing cocktail that

seriously satisfies your summertime thirst. It’s said to be, one of  ‘the IT’ drinks

in Europe, and purportedly,

originated in The Alps. BUT I promise, it plays perfectly, here in the States and

beautifully, in your backyard.

You’ll find the Prosecco-based recipe, in my Grillin’ & Chillin’ June

feature, in 425 Magazine. Which is ALL about backyard BBQ season.




Here’s my thinking on this ~ When grilling on a warm day, my motto is;

“Keep the Cook Hydrated!” ALWAYS.

This prosecco and elderflower liqueur cocktail does the trick!

Love serving these drinks, in simple, down-home, glass canning jars with a nice fragrant sprig of fresh garden mint, orange peel and lime. {Cute straw, NOT optional!}

Okay, below find, a quick and easy recipe for The HUGO, from my 425 Magazine feature on newsstands now.  I’ll be sharing more  Summer Grillin’ & Chillin’ ideas from the magazine’s June issue, in the days ahead. {Thank you 425 Magazine!!}  I’ll give you the fun barbecue backstory on all of the recipes and tabletop ideas.

Seriously, I have a few, outrageously delicious bbq tips, that really  rev up the flavor! It’s crazy. You’ll be the star of the BBQ. 

PLUS, I’m working on a pretty post detailing another round of beautiful DIY garden projects I’ve been working on.

 Soooo please, check back kids!

Cheers to the weekend!



The Hugo ~



Soda water

Elderflower liqueur


Orange peel

Fresh mint


Fill a jar 3/4ths full of ice.

Add a splash of soda water and elderflower liqueur to the jar. Top with

Prosecco. Add orange peel, mint, a straw and sip, sip away.

*  *  *  

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